CAD Services

PM Surveys have a dedicated, in house, CAD team. This provides a streamlined approach to processing our survey data. Below is a selection of the services we are able to provide.

The following is a list of the software we use, and what we use it for.

N4ce - used to process the raw survey data collected by the total stations. 3D models, moss files, cross sections and more can be produced, and from here the final data is output into CAD for final modelling and presentation.

Measured Building Software - used to create the accurate building surveys. It can be used for both floorplan and elevation surveys. By combining this specialist software and a palm top computer the data can be collected in real time graphical format, for fast accurate results.

AutoCAD - used to produce our final product.It is used in design and modelling applications in order to produce drawings in the format specified by our clients.

Revit - used to process point cloud data. This software is used within BIM to create intelligent models that can enable specific attributes for each item.

Revit Models

Many of our architectural clients are now requesting BIM models in place of floor plans and elevations. We have the capability to prove 3D Revit models from raw point cloud data, whether this be a 'white card' model or tailored to suit the specification of our client.

We are able to scan the point cloud data, or recieve this from our clients and process to provide a Revit model, which can be created with the correct 'attributes' required.

Point Clouds

Point cloud data is extremely versatile as it can be used for an array of applications.

  • Revit models
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Volume calculations

Our company has the software which enables us to create all of the above with point cloud data. If you have a requirement for the above and are on a tight schedule, our CAD team are available.